• “A Worker’s Requiem” 勞動者靈歌
    “A Worker’s Requiem” 勞動者靈歌  by Mininoise (Hong Kong grassroots folk band) 迷你噪音(香港草根民謠樂團) An online music video, featuring singing in Cantonese Lyrics Chinese: 勞動者靈歌 我的身體在延綿躺息於樓房骨架內城市景觀的錯落石屎沙土中緊閉埋著我的故事 每一口吸入塵毒再呼出盈利的數值隨著價位的上落年度煙花中揮霍燃著我的呼吸 背彎隱隱在呢喃電算機蠶食生命沉重背包肩膀上勞損筋骨的深處藏著我的辛酸 我的身體在陳詞痛斥這繁榮虛與偽離別暗黑的角落勞損身心相擁抱仍是你我不屈 淚水點滴凝聚沉澱著年月的重力無論夢境多破落靈魂始終風中唱勞動者的故事 English translation: A Worker’s Requiem My body stretches longlying within a bare buildingobstructing the cityscape,sealed tightly in cementburying my story With each mouthful of toxic dust inhaledprofit is exhaledas prices rise and falleach annual fireworks bashburning my breath Back bent I furtively twittercomputers nibble away lifebackpack heavy on shouldermuscles and bones strained to the limitconcealing my hardship My body conveys a message:reject this false prosperityleave the corner of darkness—strained body and soulContinue reading ““A Worker’s Requiem” 勞動者靈歌”
  • Embrace Life
    Embrace Life By 新工人艺术团 (New Workers Art Troupe)Album: 为劳动者歌唱! Video extracted from ” Deconstructing Foxconn” which filmed by Jack Qiu Lyrics Chinese : 《拥抱生命》 我们走在城市的边缘曾经留下多少沧桑的脚印许多愿望都已成云烟太多汗水也已变得遥远我们生存在灰色的空间不眠的夜晚只有星星能看见虽然生命在不断的凋谢却换来了城市的天空蔚蓝孤独的走在城市的路上多少次欲哭无泪的惆怅但愿那些破灭的希望都化作成功之后的回想 English translation: Embrace life We walk along the outskirts of the cityLeaving footprints of world changeMany wishes have become wisps of smokeToo much sweat has fallenOur lives are in a gray spaceSleepless nights have nothing but stars to seeAlthough life is always withering awayInstead it has made the city’s sky blueWalking alone on the city streetWanting to cry without the melancholy of tearsBut hope those vanished dreamsCan become memories . . . after we succeed
  • Chairman Gou
    Chairman Gou (Terry Gou) By Los Angeles-based band, James Supercave ,  Better Strange (2016)Genre: Indie band, alternative rock music Listen to the 4-minute song “Chairman Gou”—the founder and CEO of Foxconn. The song is about Lu Xin, 24-year-old Chinese rural migrant worker, who committed suicide at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen city on 6 May 2010. He was certified dead onsite. By the end of May, Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou brought in psychiatrists to offer phone advice to depressed workers. Chairman Gou also installed “safety nets” to deter employees from jumping off a building. Lyrics [Intro]Terry found a body on theContinue reading “Chairman Gou”

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