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In China, Tech-Worker Deaths Spark Online Backlash

17 January 2021

Interviewed by Sha Hua for The Wall Street Journal




华沙, 华尔街日报


Chinese Courier Sets Fire to Himself in Protest Over Unpaid Alibaba Wages

12 January 2021

Interviewed by Yuan Yang and Ryan McMorrow (with Nian Liu) for The Financial Times


Jenny Chan on Apple, Foxconn and the Lives of Chinese Workers,” 3 October 2020.

3 October 2020

Interviewed by Russell Mokhiber for Corporate Crime Reporter (Washington, D.C.)

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Tech Wont’ Save Us, 2020

17 September 2020

How Foxconn Treats the Workers Who Built Your iPhone w/ Jenny Chan,”

Interviewer: Paris Marx

Interviewee: Dr Jenny Chan (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

(total run time: 50 mins 22 secs)

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 ‘El lado oscuro de los productos de Apple: el drama de los suicidios en China.’ 

2 August 2020

By Salvador Martínez Mas , NIUS

(English: The dark side of Apple products: the suicide drama in China)

“The lining highlights the perfection of Apple / But not our tomorrow / The scanner repeatedly announces ‘OK’ / But not the ‘Error’ of our hearts / 24 hours a day, blinding lights illuminate iPhones / Stirring our days and nights / Thousands of repeated movements do an impeccable job / Testing the limits of our aching, numb shoulders / Each screwdriver turns carefully / But it cannot turn our future around ” .

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‘Dying for an iPhone’: The human cost of Apple’s high-speed production demands

By RHODA KWAN 12:00, 29 AUGUST 2020

In 2010, 18 young workers at Foxconn factories in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen tried to commit suicide by jumping off the roof, according to researchers. Fourteen died and three survived. The youngest jumper was aged 17.

The spate of suicides sparked a decade-long investigation by the team of researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This led to a book, Dying for an iPhone, written by Jenny Chan, Mark Selden and Pun Ngai and published this summer.

Undercover investigations

Chan and her team went undercover at Foxconn factories, donning the company uniform and borrowing staff cards to assess conditions in venues such as workers’ canteens and dormitories, and some production workshops.

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