Electronics Watch: Protests and Precarity – Can public Procurement Drive Change? (Jenny Chan, Aneesh Manjunaath, Kristin Tallbo and Angus Warren)

Date : 26 February, 2021, 10.00-11.00 (Central European Time)

Link of detail: https://electronicswatch.org/en/electronics-watch-webinars_2540998

Register here


Worker protests over pay disputes at electronics suppliers in India and China at the end of last year briefly directed the  world’s attention to precarious work in electronics supply chains. In the case of Wistron in Bangalore, India, 90% of the workforce were contractual workers who were paid late and less than they had been promised. This case well illustrates why workers often tell Electronics Watch that their precarious work situation is what they would most like to change.

In this public webinar, researchers and Electronics Watch monitoring partners will discuss the issues stemming from contractualization and other forms of precarious work, especially in the current context of the pandemic. Electronics Watch affiliates will explore these issues from a procurement angle, looking at the cycle of production and procurement in the industry, and how their own purchasing practices can help drive solutions.

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