A Questão Chinesa [The China Question]. São Paulo, Brazil: Contrabando Editorial.

© 2022. Portuguese edition.

Luta de classes na China Atual (Class Struggle in China Today)

ISBN #978-65-997188-1-6

Authors (in alphabetical order): AU Loong-yu, Jenny CHAN, Sophia CHAN, JN CHIEN, Yige DONG, Eli FRIEDMAN, Irene Maestro GUIMARÃES, Ching Kwan LEE, Leo Vinicius LIBERATO, PUN Ngai, Ashley SMITH, Richard SMITH, Ellie TSE, ZHUANG Liehong

The China Question

Over the last century, China has been a place of recurrent social upheaval. From the combative anti-colonial general strikes of 1925-1927 to the mass mobilization of peasants in the 1930s and 1940s, including the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution and the student and workers’ democracy movements of the 1980s, the Chinese people have repeatedly engaged in struggles against material inequalities and political oppression. However, since the violent crackdown on the democracy movement in Tiananmen Square in 1989, many people in China, as well as internationally, have come to believe that decades of rapid economic growth have stifled social resistance. This could not be further from the truth: although the Communist Party was successful in extinguishing sustainable political opposition…

The chapters of this book bring enlightening and radical views about these movements. China is indeed a complex society, and connecting to its social struggles is quite difficult for foreigners. However, this volume highlights the commonality of struggles around the world against class exploitation, racial and ethnic hierarchy, and gender oppression. Although these movements take different forms in China and in the Americas or Europe, they are simultaneously linked by the global system of capitalism. The entire working class and oppressed peoples can and must be united in the struggle for an expansion of radical democracy and in opposition to capitalist expropriation and exploitation. In the chapters that follow, we’ll look at the heroism, successes, as well as failures of China’s experiments.

URL: https://contrabando.xyz/product/a-questao-chinesa/

Contrabando Editorial

Rua Itapeva, 490, Conjunto 38
Bixiga, Bela Vista
São Paulo


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