Journal of Asian Studies: a new Book Review of Dying for an iPhone

Dying for an iPhone by Jenny Chan, Mark Selden, and Pun Ngai is a detailed unpacking and deconstruction of the tales that Foxconn and Apple spewed to the world…. We learn of the use of student interns, of the differential ways in which young men and women negotiated their loves and desires, and of the near-impossible business of marriage for a young worker. We learn as well of factory explosions, disabled workers, electrical shocks, neurological defects from toxins such as n-Hexane (used to wipe the screen of the iPad), of inadequate workers’ insurance, of struggles for compensation through the legal system, and of financially ruined families…. Dying for an iPhone … should be studied as a model for how to do long-term collaborative research, which arguably has not been practiced enough in the study of contemporary China…. Finally, the book is addressed to all of us—to the consumers of Apple’s machines. It is especially useful for a critical pedagogy of the tech industry.’

—Dr. Ralph Litzinger, The Journal of Asian Studies

August 2021, 80(3), pp. 707-8 

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