Breaking News : Upcoming Webinar (Expired)

Fighting Foxconn: Lessons learned from online and offline activism in China

We are going to host a webinar. This webinar, by contrast, will be delivered online, linking we (Hong Kong) and colleagues in London and the USA. Dr Jenny Chan will in the first event of the four-event series.

* Please register through the link provided below. *


The seminar series (four events):


Moderator: Dr Robert Ovetz (San Jose State University)
Speakers: Dr Jenny Chan (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and Professor Mark Selden (Cornell University)
Guests: Professor Ralph Litzinger (Duke University) and Dr Ying Chen (The New School)
Date and time: 30 October 2020, London at 5:00PM
Host: Pluto Press
*Haymarket Books
*China Research and Development Network, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
*The University of Oxford China Centre
*India China Institute, The New School
*The Asia-Pacific Journal
*Made in China
*New Politics

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