Labour conflict, forms of organization and class

Call for papers Internationally coordinated themed collection sponsored by Global Labour JournalPartecipazione e ConflittoRevista Latinoamericana de Estudios del TrabajoThe Economic and Labour Relations Review Editors: Maurizio Atzeni, Centre for Labour Relations, CEIL/CONICET, ArgentinaJenny Chan, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong KongDevi Sacchetto, University of Padua, Italia Internationally coordinated themed collection In this proposed collection, weContinue reading “Labour conflict, forms of organization and class”

After the Foxconn Suicides in China: A Roundtable on Labor, the State and Civil Society in Global Electronics

Abstract We seek to tackle myriad problems of a global production system in which China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of consumer electronics products. Dying for an iPhone simultaneously addresses the challenges facing Chinese workers while locating them within the global economy through an assessment of the relationship between Foxconn (the largest electronics manufacturer) andContinue reading “After the Foxconn Suicides in China: A Roundtable on Labor, the State and Civil Society in Global Electronics”

On Contact: Dying for an iPhone

On Contact: Dying for an iPhone 13 June 2021 (total run time: 28:51) Interviewer: Chris Hedges Interviewee: Dr Jeny Chan On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to Professor Jenny Chan about the people in China who make iPhones, iPads and Kindles, driving the huge profits of two of the world’s most powerful companiesContinue reading “On Contact: Dying for an iPhone”

Worker Organizing in China: Challenges and Opportunities

Jenny Chan. 2020. “Worker Organizing in China: Challenges and Opportunities.” Pp. 197-217 in Workers’ Inquiry and Global Class Struggle: Strategies, Tactics, Objectives, edited by Robert Ovetz. London: Pluto Press. The URL of the edited book: