“Dying for an iPhone: Labor Exploitation, Migration and Strikes in China” [Morir por un iPhone: explotación laboral, migraciones y huelgas en China],

Dr Jenny Chan interviewed by Josefina L. Martínez for Izquierda Diario.es, 13 September 2020. The rise of the iPhone as a global commodity is inseparable from the story about Steve Jobs as a greatentrepreneur who transformed a small garage company… Link in Spanish: http://www.izquierdadiario.es/Morir-por-un-iPhone-explotacion-laboral-migraciones-yhuelgas-en-China Link in English: http://www.izquierdadiario.es/Morir-por-un-iPhone-explotacion-laboral-migraciones-y-huelgasen-China

“Raising the Bar for Taiwan’s Supply Chains,”

12 May 2021 By Steven Crook Taiwan Business TOPICS (The American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan) “Apple has had one eye open and one eye closed,” says Jenny Chan, an assistant professor of sociology at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. “Also, Apple is not alone in causing such problems. We seek to open the big black boxContinue reading ““Raising the Bar for Taiwan’s Supply Chains,””